Some wonderful photos of Patagonia the edge of the world pictured by Andy Lee

Andy Lee, the photographer, shot some greatest photos from Patagonia where is very big religion spreading over the southern half of South America; furthermore, it includes the southern end of Andes Mountain, desserts and grassland. There is a large of different breath-taking scenes to watch! Andy Lee writes on his website “I have been taking pictures most of my life, but started it a little more obsessively about ten years ago when I was filming a documentary for a charity in Ethiopia”.” I had an old Hasselblad film camera with me and between scenes I started to photograph everything around me. From that moment on I was hooked. The joy I still get from seeing an image projected onto ground glass, or the smell of developer is enough to keep me shooting with a smile on my face”

Via | 500px | behance | facebook (h/t: boredpandaes)





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