History Life of Mary From Poor Family

My name is Mary I am 19years old. I come from a
very poor family. We could hardly eat two time
daily but everything was under the control of God.
When I was little, my mom do call me a
prophetess,I always laugh whenever she calls me that. One
day, something entered me to ask her why she
always call me a prophetess, she said that when
she was looking for a fruit of womb the pastor who
prayed for me told me that I will conceive and give
birth to a girl and that girl shall deliver and heal
people in the world. In fact she will are visions.
When I heard this, cold entered into me. I ram off
from her presence because it sounded so real.
After six years, my dad do call me all kinds of bad
names, he will sometimes regret having me as a
child. After he said all those things I will cry away. One
day when I was sitting in my room, Facebook  Credits